Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Write, Blog and Reflect

Well now with the Opinion Editorial out of the way, what did I think about it?
Write & Reflect !

First off, I enjoyed this style of writing, although I cannot admit that I'm good at it. I wished I had more practice because then I feel like I could've done better with the topic I had chosen. I thought peer reviews, conference with Chris, and going into the Writing Center were all pretty helpful. I get nervous having other people read my writing because I feel like it's never good enough, and also because I admit, I'm not very good at getting my thoughts down on paper. However, I felt like talking and getting help from different people widened my views on different angles I had in attacking my paper. One thing I found difficult when writing my paper on Mormons being judgmental was how I was to express my opinions without sounding judgmental myself. Also, it was difficult to cover all audiences especially since my paper was mainly targeting Mormons. Nonetheless, this was an overall enjoyable paper to write! Glad it's completed and 100% done, though! Plowing ahead onto Rhetorical Analysis, now! (Or as our teacher would say, steamrolling ahead!) :)

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  1. I get so nervous having someone read my papers but it definitely helps. I loved reading you paper and think that you did a really good job. :) But I'm also glad we are done.