Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Thesis to Analyze "Go East, Young Man"

Analyze my thesis while I use it to analyze the Opinion Editorial: "Go East Young Man."
Here we go!

In Jonathan Levine's "Go East, Young Man," he effectively employs imagery, vivid and relatable personal experiences, and justifications of the counterarguments, to convince Americans suffering from the U.S.'s economic crisis, that there is hope and relief found in China.
I thought that, overall, he had a good and convincing editorial, laying out all the advantages of moving to China; however, I felt like it didn't apply to all people in America. What if I thought his OpEd was both effective and ineffective (judging by who he was talking to)? Can anyone let me know what I can do if I beg to agree and to disagree? Am I allowed to do both?


  1. As an American, I will stand by Lady Liberty in times good and bad- I will not abandon her. It would be a disgrace to reject the blessings of freedom that so many have given their life that I might enjoy. I am proud to be an American, and will never apologize for it, nor forsake it.

  2. Owen-
    It is good to compare our system to others. Similarly with capitalism, the American system only works if measured and judged by the systems of others. While we have freedoms and choices that none others can enjoy, it is still good to have articles like this so we can constantly improve.

    I will never live outside the U.S., I love it here. I love that brave men and women lost lives for me. But I also like hearing the opinions of others so that those working within our system can refine it.

  3. Thanks for both of your opinions! I'm glad to see that both of you are very patriotic. I wished I was just as patriotic for a single country that I consider myself to be from, but I never know exactly which that should be (Canada/Taiwan). I, myself, am not from China as well, but I feel like working in another country doesn't make you any less loyal to your own. Many American businessman get sent to China to work abroad. This situation sometimes make them love their country even more, and like Ruskin said, it is through this international relations where Americans can further improve.

    1. Thank you for helping me see the misconception, I agree with both of you on your comments. We should observe and do our best to improve our own nation, which can be done by learning about other countries and societies. It is pure ignorance to continue in insanity (doing the exact same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome) or disregard a great idea simply because another nation has implemented it. I hope you understand that that was NOT what I was saying. However, what I am saying is this: I feel that each person who claims citizenship to a nation is responsible for its progression and state that it is in. Thus, regardless how devastating the situation that we are facing, we each have the obligation to come together and fight for the survival and recuperation of our country- whether it is a physical calamity or economic drought. Being a coward and running to Asia or anywhere else never resolves a problem. I understand if your job requires you to relocate or if you are stationed to another nation; that is a completely different story. But, fleeing to the other side of the fence just because the grass is greener shouldn’t be an excuse to abandon your talents and voice that your country needs. Part of the reason why our nation is in the economic turmoil it is in, is this: too many people in our nation have more self-interest than what is the best interest of their country, most people aren’t willing to make sacrifices or work hard anymore, and instead of trying to be more self-sufficient, we just print more money for someone else to make, ship, and sell it to us cheaply. If people would wake up and begin to take pride in their work and in this nation, we can make this country the “city upon a hill” that our ancestors made every sacrifice just to be a part of. It is up to us, to preserve this nation, and do all that we can so that our children can enjoy the life of freedom that they deserve.

  4. while china shows promise in the short term, i believe in the long term relying on them can only bring harm. though i might sound like a cold war fanatic, these governments live by different ideals than we do. its like selling the heater during the summer. yeah you might make a few bucks doing it, but youll regret it eventually....