Saturday, March 31, 2012

FiNAL BLOG 4 WRTG 150: reflection, mirror, mulan, reflection to ISSUES PAPER!

So here we are, we made it, we've complete another daunting writing assignment, and we are THAT much closer to completing our WRTG 150 class--that is if you don't end up sleeping in and missing your Final Test...don't do it! Good job everyone, I think we all deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back as that was one heck of a long paper. (I am so not excited with the idea that we will be writing many more papers like the one we just did, throughout the rest of our college career!)

Well, this paper was pretty much just as hard as I imagined it to be. The researching part especially at the beginning was quite frustrating, especially when I couldn't find any good peer reviewed sources. However, I did manage to dig up some useful sources literally at the very last minute, which definitely saved my butt. From there on, things did get a little easier, however, I did, then find myself struggling to not be so redundant throughout the process of my paper. It was challenging, but at least it's done now! Hopefully it all pays off.

Anyways here's a video about awkward moments. We have that all the time don't we? Random, yes I know, but I just love Ryan Higa, and I wanna marry him! Ok, not awkward at all, but... enjoy, and enjoy the weekend too, we don't have many more until the end of school! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Math Formulas, Baby Formulas, and WRITING Formulas

The free write we did in class today was pretty interesting, never did I know that math, babies, and writing can all come together and be discussed simultaneously. Anyhow, here's my formula for my IP.

I plan on starting with an Intro, as all papers have one. My intro will consist of some background information, my thesis, and a map of my paper. I will then go on to the Statement and Discussion of Subject part of my paper. Here I will give some more in depth background info about cultural diversity, ethnorelativsm, intercultural education in schools and the importance of it in America, today. From there, I will go on to Reasoning and Argument. This is where I will include a lot of my research and support for why intercultural study is so important. After this I will include a counterargument, possibly a call to action, and then my Conclusion.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

19th Birthday

This year was my first birthday ever away from home, and without my family. Luckily, I have a BYU family here in Provo to celebrate with, consisting of my lovely friends, and of course, my awesome sis and bro-in-law. Ah! I just love all of them to death! My birthday happened to land on a Tuesday this year, so the partying began the weekend before, and it didn't end until the weekend after. Yay, lucky me, and talkin' about an extended birthday, haha! Starting Saturday midday, Hayley brought Carlos, Seth and I up to Park C
ity to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery and chic Main St. up there. We got to devour the most amazing pizza while we were at it, and also savored some caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. Yummm! Then that evening, the rest of the groupie all went out to Cafe Rio for more food, and then laughed, and got all teary-eyed from watching We Bought A Zoo at the Dollar Theater. It was indeed a fun filled, relaxing, emotional, and lovely evening.

Monday evening-- Birthday Eve-- my friends and I all went out to Denny's so I could get my Free Birthday Grand Slam! It was pretty darn slammin' and I guess this is totally a Freshman Birthday tradition thing for my group, but it was fun. We always have fun at Denny's, it's ridiculous what we can get ourselves into there. Haha!
My Slammin' FREE Grand Slam!
Tuesday--the day of my birthday-- which coincidentally, is also the longest and most excruciating day of classes for me in a week, ended up being a not so bad day. I was out all day in class so I didn't get to celebrate until the end of the day, which was perfectly fine. The day ended with a nice exchange of gifts (as my boyfriend and I share the same birthday) and OPENING of gifts, yipeee! I got a nice little surprise in the mail the day before from my bestie, Rachel in Canada and that I got to open up as well. It was all very exciting and special.

Package from da friend in far away land, Canada.
My sweet HomeTeachers got me a nice balloon and some Twix. :)
My gatherings of the day: Consisting of A LOT of candy and food....hmm...people know me too well.

Little did I know that my birthday celebration had not ended, yet. That weekend, my sister invited me over for Sunday dinner. The weather was gorgeous, so we went out to a park and grilled some chicken, which we ate with corn, rice and poke, yummm! I had mentioned earlier that week about how this has been the first year that I did not have a birthday cake, lovely sister, so graciously surprised me, and made me a home-made Red Velvet and Angel marbled, strawberry and cream cake. It was sooooo good, and gorgeously decorated! I love having awesome older siblings who really do make you feel like a million bucks at times. So, although I was away from home, my 19th Birthday has definitely been one to remember. It really made me feel so loved and special to know that I have so many people out here watching out for me. Thanks to all my friends and me awesome family, I love you all so very, very much! Cheers! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012


So, instead of going to the Writing and Research lab simply for the sake of fulfilling the class assignment, I went with some intent in mind. Since it was mandatory for us to go, I thought I might as well get something useful out of it. I had two questions in mind as I got there, and then I left with all the answers needed. I might as well say that I thought it was somewhat helpful--or at least I persuaded myself to think that way. I wouldn't say that I would run back there for help if I end up needing any, as I do get really self-concious when getting individual one on one help like this. I know it is helpful, and that they are trained to be at our service; however, I still cringe at the thought of doing things like this. Maybe it's a phobia that I need to get over. Oh well, it's done now. I'll consider going back there one day when I'm feeling courageous and deeply in need of help.

Oh and I forgot, I did get some more good sources and he really did help me narrow my topic down with more keywords to think about.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Background Check

1) Multicultural Education
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- General students, Author- Eric M. Anderman and Lynley H. Anderman, Issue: The effects and psychology of having multicultural education in the classrooms.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- Future Businessman or College Students, Author- Marilyn M. Helms, Issues: How to approach people and socialize with people from different backgrounds and culture.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- general readers, Author-Neil J. Sakind, Issue- the development of human character alongside culture.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- general readers, Author- Colleen A. Ward, Issue- the concepts and occurrences behind why people have culture shock.