Monday, March 19, 2012

Math Formulas, Baby Formulas, and WRITING Formulas

The free write we did in class today was pretty interesting, never did I know that math, babies, and writing can all come together and be discussed simultaneously. Anyhow, here's my formula for my IP.

I plan on starting with an Intro, as all papers have one. My intro will consist of some background information, my thesis, and a map of my paper. I will then go on to the Statement and Discussion of Subject part of my paper. Here I will give some more in depth background info about cultural diversity, ethnorelativsm, intercultural education in schools and the importance of it in America, today. From there, I will go on to Reasoning and Argument. This is where I will include a lot of my research and support for why intercultural study is so important. After this I will include a counterargument, possibly a call to action, and then my Conclusion.

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