Saturday, March 31, 2012

FiNAL BLOG 4 WRTG 150: reflection, mirror, mulan, reflection to ISSUES PAPER!

So here we are, we made it, we've complete another daunting writing assignment, and we are THAT much closer to completing our WRTG 150 class--that is if you don't end up sleeping in and missing your Final Test...don't do it! Good job everyone, I think we all deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back as that was one heck of a long paper. (I am so not excited with the idea that we will be writing many more papers like the one we just did, throughout the rest of our college career!)

Well, this paper was pretty much just as hard as I imagined it to be. The researching part especially at the beginning was quite frustrating, especially when I couldn't find any good peer reviewed sources. However, I did manage to dig up some useful sources literally at the very last minute, which definitely saved my butt. From there on, things did get a little easier, however, I did, then find myself struggling to not be so redundant throughout the process of my paper. It was challenging, but at least it's done now! Hopefully it all pays off.

Anyways here's a video about awkward moments. We have that all the time don't we? Random, yes I know, but I just love Ryan Higa, and I wanna marry him! Ok, not awkward at all, but... enjoy, and enjoy the weekend too, we don't have many more until the end of school! :)


  1. Awhhh yeah we're getting out of here Tiffany!!

  2. I am so ready for the end of school.
    ...then for the next semester to start the very next week.

  3. I love digging those awesome sources up right at the end! And yes... we're so close to being done!

  4. that was a funny video. thats all i looked at so all i can say is it was funny

  5. nigahiga's the best! I love the rustin hieber video. Also, bromance is pretty good. I think the entire research paper was an awkward moment haha. Good to be done.