Saturday, March 3, 2012

Background Check

1) Multicultural Education
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- General students, Author- Eric M. Anderman and Lynley H. Anderman, Issue: The effects and psychology of having multicultural education in the classrooms.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- Future Businessman or College Students, Author- Marilyn M. Helms, Issues: How to approach people and socialize with people from different backgrounds and culture.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- general readers, Author-Neil J. Sakind, Issue- the development of human character alongside culture.
  • Rhetorical Situation: Audience- general readers, Author- Colleen A. Ward, Issue- the concepts and occurrences behind why people have culture shock.

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  1. Great topic! I like how that first source talks about the psychological effects, that makes for good evidence.