Friday, February 24, 2012

What Did I Think??

So, what did I think about writing the Rhetorical Analysis? Well, first off in comparison to the Opinion Editorial, I found it easier to write the Rhetorical Analysis than the OpEd. I think this was mainly because it was easier for me to take the rhetorical tools used by the author and to analyze whether or not it was effective or not effective. I thought it was harder to write the OpEd because, either I'm not a strongly opinionated person or, I tend to ramble too much on a certain topic-- that probably didn't make much sense because those are two completely opposite reasons on the spectrum-- but, that's how I feel and how I feel like explaining things so, don't judge. Since this was also a more structured form of writing, I found it easier to simply follow the structured outline and to branch out from that-- I found my focus a lot easier through that process, although a downside to that was it brought limits to bits and bursts of creativity.

Well, I don't know what else I should elaborate on about the RA...other than that my "RA" in
my hall just got engaged! I'm sure that's a lot more interesting and exciting than my thoughts and feelings about a WRTG 150 assignment. Hopefully some of you have found this blog interesting enough to even read up to the exciting engagement news. Congrats to her, and YAY for us on finishing another writing assignment in this wonderful class of ours! :)


  1. I believe you are right in stating that the R.A. is easier to write because it simply takes far less creativity. While the OpEd required the writer to use his own rhetorical tools and critical thinking skills, the R.A. simply requires the writer to identify rhetoric and follow the formula like structure that was given him.

  2. Yup, that's exactly it! Glad others think the same way because I thought I was the weird one out.