Saturday, February 4, 2012

What to Analyze?

Picking an Opinion Editorial topic wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be. There were so many options and me, being an indecisive person did not make it any easier. However, I managed to cut down to three potential options out of the many, many, many options out there...Here they are:

1) Why Taiwan's future Matters - It was interesting (and sort of exciting, too) to see an editorial on my country, Taiwan. There have always been and still are conflicts between Taiwan and China; I thought it'd be educational on my part, to delve deeper into this issue.

2) School Nutrition: A Kid's Right to Choose - The Speakers have authority to speak over this issue as they are co-directors of the Cornell Center for Behavior Economics in Child Nutrition Programs. They speak to their Audience that consists of the Los Angeles School District, the Federal Government, the children affected by this issue, and the parents. The Issue at hand is that children are only given the option of all healthy foods (vegetables, no chicken nuggets, no chocolate milk...) at school cafeterias, causing them to throw out the food, to not eat, or to order pizza.

3) Go East, Young Man - After living in Shanghai for three years-- and gaining a lot of newfound knowledge-- I now believe and know for a fact that China has a lot of business and job opportunities for young graduates and for us, the future working generation. The Speaker in this OpEd has authority to speak over this issue because he had personal experience in finding a job in China. His Audience that he is appealing to consists of the people in the U.S. who are suffering from the economic crisis. The Issue that he discusses is that to solve financial headaches and suffering in a country swamped by economical issues, move to China where new opportunities can be found.


  1. I think these articles are cool! I think I like the first one especially. It would be interesting to see how you analyze it in your final paper. Since you're from Taiwan you might analyze things differently than others.

  2. Great job, Tiffany--any of these articles will work great!

  3. After being in a nutrition class last semester, I realized what an impact NOT giving children certain foods has on them. It's really interesting to study and learn about!