Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hardest Blog Ever

This honestly was the hardest thing ever...I could not come up with a single topic to save my life, but here we go:

1) The issue with abandoned pets--specifically dogs
  • How should this be prevented/resolved? (Laws, punishments?)
  • What are the rights of these pets?
2) Everyone should be culturally diverse--or at least educated in diversity
  • How can exposure to other cultures prepare us for college and future careers?
  • What does this knowledge do for our own view on life?
3) Food Waste
  • What are the shocking realities of daily food waste in America?
  • How can this be reduced and be brought to awareness?


  1. I like how you brought up the rights of they have any? If so, I'm not really sure if the government should have to enforce and protect them. I really like your topic about being culturally diverse, it would make a good paper.

  2. Nice topics. You are obviously concerned about the world around you. I like the zest for change. Do work.