Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OpEd Thesis !

I am a Mormon who strives to live accordingly to the standards of our Church and highly uphold missionary work and the need to preach and spread the Gospel to all who desire to hear. I am not denying the fact that all LDS Mormons should be charitable and loving to all people and that we should share and spread the “Good News” as often as possible to people around us. However, I am suggesting a gentle reminder or a mind refresher on how we should approach people, both members and non-members. We are talking about the dangers of being overly judgmental here.


  1. The first sentence seems a little long. I'd suggest changing it, or maybe ending the sentence after "Church" and making that next part its own sentence. Also, it is not clear that "Gospel" stands for "good news" so that may need to be clarified. Just a couple of ideas, good luck!

  2. This is a very cool topic Tiffany.
    I totally agree with you that sometimes as members of the church we need to be more thoughtful in the way that we not just preach the gospel but also in how we are representing The Church of Jesus Christ.

    About your thesis, I would reccommend clarifying your stance on the subject and having one strong powerful statement that is straightforward of how you feel about it. like "Members of the church need to stop judging others because of reason A, reason B, and reason C." or something like that.

    just a thought.

  3. I agree with Alex on the strength of your thesis, but other than that I think that this is a really great topic. I hate to sound haughty, but I feel like this is especially evident in Utah where the majority of the population is LDS. Back home I have very few friends and schoolmates who are members so this is not such an issue. Maybe that's a point you could address.

  4. Alex has a good point, just make sure you give them a solid punch in the face with your thesis. I like the topic though and I see how solid your opinion is so I know your paper will be great!