Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dance and All That Jazzzzzz

So on Thursday, I had the chance to go watch our very own BYU's Contemporary Dance Theater perform in their show, "Dance and all that Jazz." My mind was blown away at the energy, the emotions, and the creativity of all the dances performed. My goal right now, or even my dream is to make the CDT company one day; watching them perform that day made me want to be on stage even more. From contemporary, to jazz, to tap, and to swing dance, they covered it all! On top of that, they combined their work with BYU's very own band, "Synthesis," in a magnificent live band accompanied performance. I had a great day Thursday, but wrapping up my day by watching such a talented group of people perform simply completed it in the best way possible. If you ever have the chance, or get asked on a date, or would like to ask someone on a date, think about going to another one of CDT's dance concert, I promise, you'll come out a changed person!

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